Bitácoras (English Version)

Since Makamo exists, we did not miss one day being proud about the work we are doing here as to be part of a community of art, design and creativity lovers. Everyday, we are thankful for your support and for your show of interest. And today, more than ever, we want to share with you our emotion and thank you: after a month in the race for the X Premios Bitácoras, the came a few days ago and… BEWARE, you have put us in the fifth position (YAY!) in the category “Best photography blog”. This would not have been possible without your help or your regard.

Nonetheless, we still have one day to collect votes. So we would like to ask one more time for your help to become finalist. If you have already voted, you could ask to a friend or two (who would like Makamo of course); If not, we explain every steps below to make it easier for you to vote.

How to vote for Makamo at the Bitácoras awards:

1.- Please, click here:

A new window opens for you to log in with your facebook or your twitter account.

2.- Please accept and COME BACK HERE, to CLICK AGAIN ON THE LINK 

3.- Now there, the window to vote opens. There are a lot of categories; Makamo appears in the Best Photography Blogs category. Rolling down the page to the end, you will find a button “VOTAR” (which basically means…VOTE!!!), please click here and that’s it!

It is our final sprint, thank you so much for your support!

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